We are delighted to introduce: BEAUBRONZ FINANCIAL LEASING PLAN
this plan is designed to help minimise the costs of starting off your own BeauBronz Tanning

As soon as you are ready to purchase your BeauBronz starter kit we will advise and help you to work out a financial package which suits your needs. We will forward your details to Mr. Simon Etheridge at Admiral Leasing who will be in touch to discuss spreading the cost over an agreed term. Usual term is 3 years ~ 36 months at repayments of £42.99 plus VAT. He will finalise all details and once agreed will deliver confirmation. You will have to sign and return all documentation and once all in place then we can arrange for delivery of the kit.

Listed below are all items in the 'starter kit'

The Complete” admiral” Professional Starter Kit consists of:

Iwata Sprint Jet fully automatic compressor
1 pop up Tanning Cubicle
1 x Air Brush & 1 x Air Brush Hose
4 x 2oz Solution Bottles
2 litre Bronze Original Tanning Solution
2 litre Bronze Forever Tanning Solution
2 litre Quick Fix Tan Solution
1 litre Hydrating Tan Lock
1 litre of Exfolise
500ml Barrier Cream
2 x30ml Darkening Drops
10 AbiO retail full size retail products
Brochures and 1 window Sticker/POS Cards/Leaflets
Training manual available on line
BeauBronz Tan Technical Training

This amounts to: £1069.00 plus VAT

This plan will give you peace of mind while you concentrate on your BEAUBRONZ Business Plan introducing your family, friends and eventually building your own database of clients to ensure a successful and profitable business with happy clients and lots of referrals!

To arrange please contact:
Annie McKale Mobile: 07714827328
Email: [email protected]

To introduce you to BeauBronz brand we have created an informative and interesting Q & A section below which hopefully will answer some of your many questions!

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