Spray Tan Application for Professionals

Having trained some of London’s most prestigious spray tanners and by boasting a client base of VIP’s and celebrities from all over the world (including Lady GaGa!) Abi O has been the pioneer of airbrush tanning since 2001 and now shares her tanning tips, tricks and secrets with you…

What you’ll need:

  1. BeauBronz Exfoliese
  2. BeauBronz Bronz Original (referred to as “base colour”)
  3. BeauBronz Quick Tan Fix with Dramatic drops (referred to as “contouring colour”)
  4. BeauBronz Hydrating Tan Lock


  1. Start by preparing the skin for tanning by carrying out the BeauBronz Exfoliese treatment.
  1. Apply BeauBronz Bronz Original to the body as you normally would to give your client their base colour. If you are able to carry out the treatment in two stages, by leaving the base colour to develop for 8 hours first this will deliver more effective results. If you are unable to do so please proceed straight to Step 3.
  1. Carry out the 3D contouring method to the areas detailed below with BeauBronz Quick Tan Fix and a few of the BeauBronz Dramatic drops. This will give your client’s that added subtle definition and feel good factor!

Bust and deepened Shoulder/ Collar bones

  1. Start by sweeping the contouring colour in the form of an upside down smile from the arm   pit across the  top of the bust  to create a “fuller” bust shadow, working with the natural curves of the bust as you do so.
  2. Next create a triangle above the collar bone and sweep a line underneath the collar bone.
  3. Finally, take a line up from in between the bust to just below the lower line underneath the collar bone.


Sweep the contouring colour along:

  1. The sides of your client’s forehead and temples, avoiding the middle of their head and face.
  2. The area just below your client’s cheekbones, starting from their ears and ending in the middle of their cheeks. If your client does not have particularly prominent cheek bones, ask them to suck your cheeks in and release again to help you identify the right area prior to contouring!
  3. The small area right below the chin and jawline creating a “3” effect


  1. Ask your client  to tense their muscles so you can see the line of their quadricep.
  2. Then starting with running down their inner thigh, shade and blend the contouring colour    from the hip bone down to the ankle and across the indented muscle line.
  3. Also apply a light coat to the inner leg (leaving the middle surface area of the leg with the   base colour).


  1. Define abs by spraying the natural indents along the stomach and a “ smile” shape over    the hip bones and along the line of the rib cage.


  1. Spray the contours of your client’s upper arms and create a “V” with your fingers in order   to tan the tricep at the back of the arms.
  2. Finally seal in your client’s 3D couture tan with the BeauBronz Hydrating Tan Lock.