Information for Salons using BeauBronz Products

Q. I don’t have much space in my salon, how can I offer a spray tanning service?

A. With BeauBronz, space is not a problem. Our equipment comprises of the latest technology. There is no need to have a dedicated area of floor space set aside. Our airbrushes are of the highest quality and offer excellent performance. We have two iwata compressors – one iwata mobile lightweight compressor measuring approximately 5½ inches by 4 inches and standing approximately 4½ inches high, which is perfect for mobile tan technicians and small salons. For busier salons, where continuous use is expected, we can also supply slightly larger compressors. - (please see information on the ‘Salon Starter Kit’). Although slightly larger, they are still small enough to fit into smaller salon environments.


Q. It’s too expensive. I’ve heard that it costs thousands for a professional tanning system start-up kit.

A. Most systems are. Thankfully, BeauBronz prices are a lot lower than you’d expect, whilst still providing you with the highest quality. BeauBronz has a commitment to finding ways of providing the best quality and results at a reasonable and sensible price. Check out our price list for our Mobile and Salon Starter Kits. You’ll be very pleasantly surprised!


Q. Spray tans don’t last very long though do they?

A. Our tanning solutions only require a single application and the results show immediately. Our Bronz solution lasts from 5 to 9 days, depending on the client’s skin type, whilst our Bronz Forever lasts between an incredible 9 to 12 days!


Q. Doesn’t the spray solution cover everything?

A. With our tanning solution, you only use 40 - 50 ml (unlike some products that use up to 150ml). The solution is heavier than most, so it directs itself to the body. Our clients’ biggest reaction is to the minimal overspray in the air.


Q. Aren’t there lots of chemicals in spray tan solutions?

A. Not in our solutions! Our tanning solutions were created specifically NOT to contain alcohol or chemicals like PARABENS AND SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE. BeauBronz spray tan solutions contain natural and organic ingredients. With our solutions starting at 95% natural. The solutions also contain organic aloe vera that helps to leave the skin silky smooth. They contain no Alcohol or harsh chemicals. The active ingredient is Dihydroxyacetone, otherwise known as DHA, which is a derivative of sugarcane. It is colourless and has been FDA approved for more than 30 years. DHA darkens the skin by interacting with the amino acids in the dead surface cells in the outermost layer of the skin. Our tanning solutions also contain Erythrulose, Echinacea, Melanin and vitamins A, C and E depending which solution you choose.


BeauBronz Pop-Up Cubicles

We can offer all our salons and mobile tan technicians these great little devices at enviable prices. The BeauBronz Cubicle is a simple foldaway tanning booth that pops up in seconds and is an essential spray tan companion. You will be amazed at how easy it is to erect, with no poles. Just unfold to open and fold away in less than 30 seconds! The pop-up cubicle also offers overspray protection provided by it’s built in waterproof floor and removable clear roof. It is also the perfect size for tanning and traveling. Once collapsed, it stores in a circular bag with shoulder straps, so you can carry the rest of your kit effortlessly and professionally. It is also safe and secure being manufactured to EN71 standards. The cubicle is flame retardant and internally waterproof and simple to maintain. Being black, it will not stain. Just wipe down with a damp cloth. (No chemicals!)

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