BeauElite products for CryoOrbs


The Perfect At-Home Cold Therapy Facial is Here!

BeauSkin CryoOrbs:  The benefits include minimizing inflammation or puffiness, helping lymphatic drainage and sinus pressure, reducing redness and pore size, and kick-starting your circulation, all which helps to provide a radiant glow and beautiful, healthy skin.

The CryoOrbs is kept at freezing temperatures as these temperatures are known to have several effects on the skin ( best kept in the freezer compartment of fridge 30 mins before usage) There is an increased blood flow through the skin being subjected to freezing temperatures applied to the skin surface. Further good effects include moisture retention effect on intercellular moisture which cold temperatures elicit. This gives volume increase effect which superficially has the effect of reduction of superficial lines and wrinkles in the skin.

BeauSkin CryoOrbs will also, due to the freezing effect, help allow penetration of our prescribed skin products, via skin pores which will be held open due to blood flow effects of the reduced temperatures and this will increase the effect of serum penetration into deeper tissues of the skin.

They also make the perfect make-up primer and are suitable for all skin types.

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