Beau-Prescribed Facial in a Box


Our unique personal service will begin a 30 minute consultation via video call with Abi where she will choose 6 products especially for you and show you application techniques.

At present time with all clinics currently closed this is as close as can get to an actual clinic visit !!    1-2-1 session will give you all the information and products to benefit your skin.

Below is a selection of our bespoken facials specially designed for you in your Beau-Prescribed Facial in a box.


The Beau’s Gentleman’s Facial

Time for men skincare. This stimulating treatment box is specifically designed by Abi for male skin. It counteracts the effects of daily shaving which can result in dull, lifeless skin.


BeauAgeDefy  OurAge Maintenance Box


Wrinkles and loss of skin tone are caused by the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin as we age. Dare we say it……. this process starts in your 20’s! As we grow older, this breakdown increases and lines appear deeper and more defined. Here Abi will choose the right products for your skin concerns and show you techniques on application to ensure the best results.


BeauSensitive  Our Rosacea and Skin Sensitivity Box


Inflamed and hot, rosacea appears in a diamond shape across the face. It’s that red hot rash or flushing which appears most commonly on the central part of the face. Abi specialises in helping clients with this skin condition.


BeauClear Our Anti Acne Box


From papules to pustules, comedones to cysts, find out what’s really happening below your skin’s surface and how to effectively treat your acne. We have a wide variety of anti acne products to help you get your skin under control. Abi will help find you the perfect products and help you on your skin journey.


BeauShine Our Pigmentation Box

The cells which are responsible for the colour of your skin can overproduce or under produce skin pigment. This can lead to visible uneven skin colouring, which can be either darker or lighter than your normal complexion. Here Abi will customise a box for you using antioxidants and pigment inhabiting products.

Your boxes will include at least 6 products from the below and possibly other brands.

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