3D Tanning

Contouring: the process of sculpting and adding definition without going under the knife.

Over the past 12 months contouring has been a technique widely adopted by make up artists, bloggers and beauty fanatics to give the illusion of chiselled cheekbones, a more defined nose and a slimmer face, but the good news is that the same concept can be applied to your body.


So how does it work?

By using a combination of darker and lighter shades you are able to sculpt and shape the body, creating the illusion of a more defined and toned physique. The darker shades absorb the light, whereas light bounces off the lighter shades, drawing the eye and highlighting the area for a subtle toned look.

The art of 3D body contouring is a skill that BeauBronz Spray Tan Professionals have adopted to offer client’s a personalised boutique tanning service, however there is no reason why you cannot create the same look using your BeauBronz self tanning products at home.

Whether you are a BeauBronz Professional or a BeauBronz self tan applier, we have put together the below contouring guides to help you achieve your desired look!

Self Tan Guide

Having trained some of London’s most prestigious spray tanners and by boasting a client base of VIP’s and celebrities from all over the world (including Lady GaGa!) Abi O has been the pioneer of airbrush tanning since 2001 and now shares her tanning tips, tricks and secrets with you…

What you’ll need:

  1. BeauBronz Pre-Tan exfoliating body scrub
  2. BeauBronz Soft Sun (referred to as “base colour”
  3. BeauBronz Bronzed Goddess Self Tanning Mousse (referred to as “contouring colour”
  4. A Blusher Brush


  1. Start by preparing the skin for tanning by exfoliating with the BeauBronz pre-tan exfoliating body scrub.
  2. Apply BeauBronz Bronz Soft Sun to your whole body to give you your base colour. If you are able to leave the base colour to develop for 8 hours first this will deliver more effective results. If you are unable to do so please proceed straight to Step 3.
  3. Carry out the 3D contouring method to the areas detailed below with BeauBronz Bronzed Goddess Self Tanning Mousse and a blusher brush. This will give your body that added subtle definition, making you look and most important feel good!

Bust and deepened Shoulder/ Collar bones

  1. Start by sweeping the contouring colour in the form of an upside down smile from the arm pit across the top of the bust to create a “fuller” bust shadow, working with the natural curves of the bust as you do so.
  2. Next create a triangle above the collar bone and sweep a line underneath the collar bone.
  3. Finally, take a line up from in between the bust to just below the lower line underneath the collar bone.


Sweep the contouring colour along:
The sides of your forehead and temples, avoiding the middle of your head and face.

  1. The area just below your cheekbones, starting from your ears and ending in the middle of your cheeks. If you do not have particularly prominent cheek bones, suck your cheeks in and release again to help you identify the right area prior to contouring!
  2. The small area right below your chin and jawline creating a “3” effect.


  1. Tense your leg muscles so you can see the line of your quadricep.
  2. Then starting with your inner thigh, shade and blend the contouring colour from the hip bone down to the ankle and across the indented muscle line.
  3. Also apply a light coat to the inner leg (leaving the middle surface area of the leg with the base colour).


  1. Define abs by sweeping the natural indents along the stomach and a “ smile” shape over the hip bones and along the line of the rib cage.


  1. Shape the contours of your upper arms and create a “V” with your fingers in order to tan the tricep at the back of the arms.

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