Another hot off the press week with Abi and the fabulous BeauBronz tan technicians.

To kick start, Abi spray tanned the stunning Miss Black Britain in the final of Miss Great Britain. It was amazing, Rikaya Tagoe met with Abi at her sister, Charlotte Tagoe’s Charity event at the Plaza. The foundation raises money for the Twilight Centre, through prizes donated to support orphans with HIV and AIDS. We couldn’t think of a more worthy cause and it just shows what our beautiful Miss Black Britain is made of. They had a star studded turn out with footballers and top British Celebrities attending to do their part.

Rikaya Tagoe Miss Black Britain

Riakaya looked fabulous (as always) and now perfectly bronzed thanks to Abi and our streak free tan. ‘Beaubronz gave me a very natural looking golden tan. I was surprised at how quick and easy it was to use.

It took away the ‘matt look’ from my skin and left it with a healthy radiant glow, I was very happy with the results.’ Thanks Rikaya, you’re a great Miss Black Britain and the BeauBronz tan certainly compliments your winning smile.
We are proudly becoming the popular choice for dark skin and the BeauBronz tan extender 1 was featured on the Angela Griffin show too! The makeup artist said that she ‘uses this on black skin to add a hint of golden tone and balance an ash skin tone.’ Watch the clip here and get a preview of what our must have tanning treats can do for your skin!


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