Why I love Abi O- Karen Barber and Daniel Whitson

“Healthy, looking good and feeling good”

Professional skaters on ITV’s hit show Dancing on Ice are on our screens week in week out taking the celebrity contestants through their paces. Preparing for the live shows mean long hours dedicated to perfecting routines but something equally important to being screen ready is getting their spray tan.

The skaters use Abi O’s products from the house of BeauBronz every week to give them an extra glow and believe that having an amazing tan is just as vital as having an eye catching, show stopping outfit. Dancing on an ice white rink can easily drain your complexion so having a pop of colour ensures that they look good and most importantly look healthy on screen.

The professionals often feel drained and tired by the demanding schedules required for a live show, so a tan keeps them looking fresh and effortless.

Find out what the ice conquering pair have to say about their pre show tanning routine by watching the video below.