Why I love Abi O- Celebrity Fan Jayne Torvill

“When we look good, we feel good.”

As a gold Olympic medallist, Jayne Torvill OBE knows what it takes to look good as an ice dancer, and is well aware that the sparkly, brightly coloured costumes associated with the sport can show a lot of flesh. Jayne believes that the right shade of tan is vitally important to looking your best, especially on areas such as the arms and upper body which will be receiving a lot of focus when centre stage. Providing that extra confidence boost before hitting the ice, Jayne’s mantra is that when we look good, we feel good.

When filming Dancing On Ice, Jayne is on camera for most of the week. Understanding the importance of maintaining her spray tan, not only for continuity on screen shop-tanning-moussebut to be looking her best, this Olympic champion knows how to portray the glitz and glam that ice dancing represents.

What Jayne appreciates the most about the Abi O from the house of BeauBronz range is how natural it looks and doesn’t go patchy like many products do. An extra bonus is the fragrance; with regular applications, Jayne is pleased that Abi O’s products come up winners when smelling sweet.

Find out what the fantastic Jayne Torvill thinks about Abi O’s product range in the video below. If it’s good enough for an Olympic winning national icon…