Why I love Abi O- Celebrity Fan Lizzie Cundy

“A natural looking tan.”

Television presenter and self proclaimed “Queen of the WAGs” Lizzie Cundy is never seen without a beautiful golden tan. Constantly being complimented on her complexion, Lizzie is often asked if her glow is a result of a jet setting holiday.

Where her glamorous lifestyle may see her occasionally enjoying a get away to exotic locations, we can let you into a secret and tell you that her tan is actually achieved by regular applications of Abi O from the house of BeauBronz. A true testament to how natural looking the products are!

The other big plus point for preened and polished Lizzie is the smell. Having used most self tanning products on the market, Lizzie has always been put off by the strong scent associated with fake tan. Hugely impressed by the pleasant scent of Abi O, Lizzie even likens the smell to roses!

Listen to Lizzie yourself to find out just how natural and wonderfully smelling the products are.