Why I love Abi O- Celebrity Fan Jenny Pacey

“Quick, Effective and Fuss Free”

With a whole host of strings to her bow, Jenny Pacey can be short on time.

As you can imagine, juggling balls as an athlete, personal trainer to the stars, presenter and one of TV’s legendary Gladiators means there is little opportunity at the end of the day for some “me” time.

With a busy schedule to stick to, every day is different for Jenny, but one thing that is a constant demand is to look good. Whether preparing to look her best on screen or to meet her latest fitness client, Jenny looks for a product which is quick, effective and fuss free.

With these qualities in mind, Jenny is a regular user of the Abi O products, providing the easy to use solution she is looking for.

Getting up close and personal with clients in the gym means Jenny loves that Abi O’s products don’t have the famous “fake tan” smell, and although we advise using tanning mitts for optimum results when applying the range, Jenny chooses to use her hands  for her flawless results when she needs to tan on the go.

Find out exactly what Jenny Pacey thinks about Abi O from the house of BeauBronz by watching the video below.

We can tell you one thing though, she thinks it’s nothing short of fabulous. Who are we to argue?!