Faking Your Way to Thin: Look Slimmer in a Day with Self Tan

Healthy eating and regular exercise are the best long term approaches to losing weight and feeling good, making an overall improvement to your health. The downside is that we all know this takes time.

The good news is, if you need a quick fix to make you look instantly look thinner and your confidence levels to soar, a spray tan or application of your favourite fake tan product can knock inches of your silhouette without even breaking a sweat.

Here’s how you can cleverly apply your tan to hide a multitude of sins.

Contour Spray Tanning

The professionals know how to get you looking like you’ve been investing some serious long hours in the gym. Your spray tan artist will start by making sure you have a beautiful all over tan which will cover blemishes and makes you look glowing. The next step is where the genius comes into play. If you have certain areas which require more attention than others, your spray tanner can accentuate the muscle tone by highlighting the area and disguising places you’d rather hide. The illusion is created by applying slightly darker shades. It’s not all about camouflaging and disguise, speak to your spray tanner to discuss the areas you love to make sure they capture the attention they deserve. Sculpted abs, highlighted cheekbones, and slimmer arms can be yours.

Doing It Yourself

If you don’t have time to book in for an appointment, here’s how you can get the look at home. Like the spray tan approach, make sure that you already have a base colour. The second coat will create muscle tone on areas which lack definition. Want to add some definition to the tummy area? Apply self-tanner to the vertical contours on either side of your belly button. Have a daring mini dress which requires a killer pair of pins? Make your legs looked tanned and toned by applying fake tan under your calf muscles, along the indentations of the quadriceps and finally along the crescent below each buttock. A sponge should be your weapon of choice.

Bronzing Beautifully

Now you have your beautifully contoured tan, it doesn’t end there. It’s time to get your bronzer out to dust yourself to perfection. Try to avoid any products which use shimmer or have an oily texture as these will draw attention to problem areas and are known to show up cellulite. Using a matte bronzer powder two to three shades darker than your skin tone and a flat topped brush for precision, hide your least favourite areas, such as the folds above your armpits. Want killer cheekbones? Find out how to highlight your way to beauty with make up here.


A fake tan will not make stepping on the scales any less painful, however, it can make you instantly more confident when you need to bare all.