7 Easy Day to Night Beauty Saviours You Should Try

If your social calendar is looking as hectic as your email inbox you might not have time to undergo a full beauty routine making you look as preened and polished as you’d like.

Luckily with the right products and a few insider tips you can transition from day to night with ease. Here are BeauBronz’s seven saviours which will add some oomph and drama to your look, making sure that you are oozing with glamour until the taxi ride home.

1.       Clean Up

After a commute followed by a hard day’s work, chances are you’ve picked up a multitude of oils or smudged your existing makeup, meaning that a quick touch up is essential. If you don’t have time to completely redo your makeup from scratch, carry some blotting papers to mop up any oily areas. Some eye make up remover wipes will fix up any smeared areas.

2.       Risk It With Rouge

Nothing completes a night time look like a layer of red lipstick. Whether you are wanting to have fun with your look or are attending a more formal occasion, red lips are always the best choice, but getting it right can be tricky. The most classic look is a matte lipstick which is typically long lasting. Do always consider the right shade for your skin tone.

3.       The Smoky Eye

It may not be practical to carry around an entire set of brushes and an extensive range of eye shadows when on the go, but a smoky eye is a night time essential if you want to smoulder. Start by applying a neutral shadow with a light shimmer across the eyelid, then add eyeliner to trace the inside of the lower lash line. Smudge the eyeliner into your lower eyelashes to create a smoky look. If you like your eyes to look defined, apply a further layer of eyeliner.

4.       Find Your Inner Falsies

Keep your lashes fluttering until dawn in a matter of minutes by simply applying a pair of false eyelashes. The glue dries within a flash and it will save you precious time that you’d be spending on curling and layering applications of mascara for instantly dramatic results.

5.       Winged Wonder

A flick of liquid eyeliner is a quick and easy way to make your look night time appropriate. Layer two applications for a bolder look and wing it as high as you dare. Although liquid creates a more defined look, a pencil will achieve similar results if you don’t have time to wait for it to dry.

6.       Top Knot

Easy but chic, a quick bun is a winner no matter what kind of disastrous hair day you might be having. Simply sweep your hair up into a pony tail, twist, then secure with a hair tie or grips.

7.       Add Some Sparkle

Add a little sparkle for some panache. Your cheeks will already be rosy from a busy day, so leave the blusher behind and opt for a shimmer based bronzer. A shimmer powder will highlight your best features your beautiful cheekbones. Also apply to the neck, collarbones and cleavage area if you are showing some skin.


Work and play hard as much as your schedule will allow, and always look your best by following these tips. Top up your tan daily with a gradual moisturiser which will lay down a natural and healthy looking foundation, meaning that you can always rely on your skin looking perfect.