Autumn Beauty Tips: Transitional Tips and Tricks

The darker evenings and colder weather are key indicators that autumn is creeping in.

You may have already given some thought to updating your wardrobe for autumn/ winter but making changes to your beauty regime is something which is often neglected.

The end of summer means that your skin will no longer be put under the duress of the sun’s rays, but dealing with dehydrating central heating systems and harsh winter winds can be equally as hard on your skin.

Here’s how you can successfully transition from summer to autumn with a few nips and tucks to your existing collection of beauty products.

Invest in a Hard Working Moisturiser

Gone are the days of tinted moisturiser and BB creams, in colder weather your skin needs a helping hand. With blasting radiators, roaring fires and air conditioning on high these products won’t have enough hydrating features to keep your skin in top condition. Look for a well-balanced moisturiser which will help soothe your skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

Update Your Look With a Layer of Lippy

A key favourite on the catwalks every year, berry shades and rich red tones are the must have colours this season. You don’t have to splash out an entire new wardrobe, instantly update your look by wearing a deep lip colour allowing you to easily stay on trend.

Don’t Lose a Beautiful Tan

Just because the sun has gone into hiding, it doesn’t automatically mean you should forget about having a golden glow. To keep your summer glow going for a little longer use a tinted moisturiser like Abi’O’s daily to put the sparkle back into your skin. The moisturising qualities will also be beneficial as a layer of protection when your skin is coming face to face with the rather unpleasant British weather. shop-gradual-tan







Deep Condition

If you don’t want to go as far as recoloring your hair for a new look, breathing new life and lustre into your hair can easily be done with a deep conditioning treatment. A deep condition twice weekly can reverse the dry and damaged qualities which drier air and a drop in temperatures can cause.

Look After Your Hands

Your hands will be a tell tale sign that the elements are taking their toll. Frequent hand washing, cold weather and cleaning products are sure to strip moisture. It may not be cold enough for gloves just yet, but ensure that they are worn when you are doing any housework. Apply regular applications of a hand cream rich in moisture several times throughout the day.

Grab your scarf, throw on the layers and indulge in some TLC time with your favourite beauty products and embrace the seasonal changes. Do you have any others tips we should add to the list?