Five Tips to Protect your Nails from Fake Tan

If you love your manicures as much as your self tanning products you will understand that the two don’t come hand in hand.

A perfect polish or killer nail art can easily be stained by the DHA contained in tanning products leaving you with an undesirable dark coloured residue.

Ensuring you look beautifully bronzed and perfectly manicured here are BeauBronz’s top tips on how to protect your nails from discolouration.

To get us in the mood we’ve also included some awe inspiring nail art!

1.       Be Prepared

Preparation is the key to prevention. Unfortunately there is little you can do once the tan has been applied and washing your hands to remove any transferred product could cause streaking. Make sure that your nails are clean, and don’t forget about your toenails either. Don’t worry about filing or cutting to your desired length at this stage, this will give you something to work with if anything does happen to go wrong.

2.       Build Up a Barrier

Hands are tricky areas to apply tan to in general. If you are having a professional spray tan your therapist will make sure that barrier cream is applied to any areas where fake tan could cause staining or unnatural marks. You shouldn’t have anything to worry about if having your tan done at the salon.

3.       DIY

Just because you are taking the beauty salon experience to your own bedroom, it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve flawless, professional looking results. This is where the trusty beauty saviour that is petroleum jelly comes to save the day yet again. Simply apply a layer of the jelly over your nails, cuticle area and between the fingers to ensure that the tan doesn’t take to these areas. If your nails are long, make sure that you apply the barrier cream to the visible area on the palm of your hands.

4.       The Polished Approach

An application of your everyday nail varnish will also prevent any staining from happening. Apply as you normally would to cover the entire nail and also remember about the back- a clear varnish would be best for this part.

5.       Wash Away for Perfection

You’ve waited the required developing time and you are at the stage where you can jump in the shower and wash off any residue, leaving you with your desired shade of tan. Remove the Vaseline or your protective coat of nail varnish to leave you with stain free, natural looking nails.










That’s it! If you’ve followed these steps you should have achieved both beautiful nails and a tan to be envious of. Now is the time to paint the town red and show them off.