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BeauBronz Training

October saw the launch of BeauBronz’s new 3D contouring technique and what better way to kick off than with a new training session? Last weekend was the first of October’s training workshops, giving BeauBronz CEO Abi Oleck the opportunity to share her new highly sought after technique and train some…


Three Easy Ways To Fake Tan Your Back You’ve Never Thought Of

If you are an avid self tanner, you will know that achieving an all over glow is easier said than done. You may have mastered the art of tanning easier parts of the body like your arms and legs, but if you don’t have a helping hand available to achieve…


Why Does Fake Tan Smell?

The advantages of tanning safely truly outweighs the drawbacks, but one notorious negative association of self tanning which is hard to avoid is the distinctive smell.

Most commonly compared to biscuits, curry or even more undesirable substances, the smell is one of the biggest deterrents from using fake tan products. Safer…


Four Fabulous Apps For An Instant Fake Tan

If you like to have picture perfect images to share across your social networking channels, you’ll know that a flawless tan is a key ingredient to looking your best.

You can’t always be camera ready at all times and with self tanning taking a number of hours to develop what is…


The Ultimate Guide to Fake Tan for Skin Problems

The health benefits of choosing self tanning products over the danger of the sun’s rays is common knowledge, with more people reaching for the bottle rather than risking it with sun exposure.

Fake tan can dramatically improve the appearance of many skin problems from reducing the visibility of stretch marks and…


Tan Transfer: Common Self Tanning Stains and How To Avoid Them

An application of your favourite fake tan product is a great way to give you a golden glow, leaving you feeling instantly more confident in your own skin, any time of the year.

Whether it is a professional spray tan or an at home treatment, the instant boost can be…


Natural Beauty: Seven DIY Beauty Saviours

If expensive spa treatments and frequent purchases of your favourite beauty products are leaving you out of pocket, it may be worth saving some pennies and looking to some rather unusual sources for a beauty fix to beat.

Believe it or not your kitchen cupboard is laden with beauty inspiration with…


Mitts, Gloves and Spray Guns: Fake Tan Tips for Streak Free Hands

Orange hands are one of the ultimate self tanning disasters, and the first tell-tale sign that you’ve had a rather unfortunate self tanning experience.

Unless you want to be washing your hands repetitively during an application, the easiest way to evenly distribute your tanning product is with the use of an…


Get The Celeb Look: Highlighting Your Face

Ever wondered how Kim Kardashian’s skin always looks radiant and her cheekbones razor sharp? Pondered over Kate Middleton’s dainty nose? Envied Rihanna and her bright, beautiful eyes?

Regardless whether you have been blessed with fortunate genes like our celebrity friends or not, there is a way to enhance and even change…


Men’s Tanning: Self Tanning Your Face

David Beckham, Bradley Cooper and George Clooney, they all have something in common other than a famous face worth millions; a healthy looking golden glow.

As a result, self tanning amongst men has become a considerable growth area in recent years, with many a bronzed Adonis reaching for their favourite tanning…


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