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Old fashioned alternatives to Fake Tan

For a long time, to be pale was fashionable, with tanned skin having associations with hard labour and toil.

However, Coco Chanel herself made the sun-kissed look popular in the 1920s, and it wasn’t long before others wanted to follow in her footsteps. Before fake tan became so readily available, people…


Celebrity Fake Tanning Disasters

Fake tanning is all the rage these days. It’s quick, safe and gives you the sun kissed tan you’ve been craving. However, when you slap on that bottle of fake tan without due care and attention, you run the risk of a tanning disaster, which can ruin even the most…


Top 5 Ways to Boost your Tanning Business

Professional spray tans are on the up and up and have been for some times. With sun beds decreasing in popularity, more and more people are turning to sunless tanning methods in order to get the bronzed, healthy glow they want. While this is good news for spray technicians, there…


Tanning parties the next step for professional tanning

If you run a professional tanning salon and are looking for new ways to boost business, you may want to consider looking into the latest craze: tanning parties.

Tanning parties are a great way for groups of people to get the tan they want without the fuss of attending a salon….


Fake Tan for Sensitive Skin.

One of the problems that people with sensitive skin encounter is getting a tan without getting red, irritated skin and rashes.

Sensitive skin can be more prone to prickly heat and burn more easily than other types, meaning that sunbathing and tanning beds are out of the question, but also can…


Pregnancy and Tanning

At the end of January it was revealed that future queen and mother-to-be Kate Middleton cancelled a string of spray tan appointments abruptly in October.

They normally spray tan her in the privacy of her own home to give a subtle glow before public appearances but the sudden cancellation was a…


Disguising Cellulite and Stretch Marks with Fake Tan

Approximately 90% of women have cellulite and 80% have stretch marks, so a majority of us know what a pain they can be and how can make you feel uncomfortable and insecure whilst wearing short skirts or swimwear. If you’ve had a baby or lost or gained a lot of…


Fake Tan

No matter how well you prep, how meticulously you apply your tan to even the hardest to reach areas and how long you stand around naked to be sure that it’s completely dry before redressing, sometimes accidents happen with fake tan. Here’s how to fix some of the major pitfalls-



Using Pop Up Spray Tan Tents

Pop up spray tan tents are a really useful piece of equipment if you want to protect walls and furnishings from getting stained by a spray tan but are short on storage space and need portability.

They are exactly what the name suggests; a wipe-clean portable cubicle that doesn’t have any…


Tanning Lotion Review

If you have ever googled “Fake tanning” lotion you will know how many different products there are out there, from cheaper varieties to high-end luxury brands and all promising to give a natural looking tan. How do you know which one to choose when finding the right fake tan lotion…


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