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BeauBronz Training

October saw the launch of BeauBronz’s new 3D contouring technique and what better way to kick off than with a new training session? Last weekend was the first of October’s training workshops, giving BeauBronz CEO Abi Oleck the opportunity to share her new highly sought after technique and train some…


7 Easy Day to Night Beauty Saviours You Should Try

If your social calendar is looking as hectic as your email inbox you might not have time to undergo a full beauty routine making you look as preened and polished as you’d like.

Luckily with the right products and a few insider tips you can transition from day to night with…


Autumn Beauty Tips: Transitional Tips and Tricks

The darker evenings and colder weather are key indicators that autumn is creeping in.

You may have already given some thought to updating your wardrobe for autumn/ winter but making changes to your beauty regime is something which is often neglected.

The end of summer means that your skin will no longer…


Five Tips to Protect your Nails from Fake Tan

If you love your manicures as much as your self tanning products you will understand that the two don’t come hand in hand.

A perfect polish or killer nail art can easily be stained by the DHA contained in tanning products leaving you with an undesirable dark coloured residue.

Ensuring you look…


Natural Beauty: Seven DIY Beauty Saviours

If expensive spa treatments and frequent purchases of your favourite beauty products are leaving you out of pocket, it may be worth saving some pennies and looking to some rather unusual sources for a beauty fix to beat.

Believe it or not your kitchen cupboard is laden with beauty inspiration with…


Get The Celeb Look: Highlighting Your Face

Ever wondered how Kim Kardashian’s skin always looks radiant and her cheekbones razor sharp? Pondered over Kate Middleton’s dainty nose? Envied Rihanna and her bright, beautiful eyes?

Regardless whether you have been blessed with fortunate genes like our celebrity friends or not, there is a way to enhance and even change…


WAG! The Musical: A Day In The Life of Lizzie Cundy

It has been all hands and spray tanning guns on deck backstage at WAG! The Musical, staring the ever glamorous Lizzie Cundy.

As you can imagine, a golden glow is a cornerstone of the ultra-preened and polished WAG look, and we have had the pleasure of making the stars of…


Summer Proof Your Make Up

If you are jetting off to sun soaked climates or trying to beat the heat at home, you will know that keeping your make up where it should be in warmer temperatures can be a challenge.
Be it surviving heat fuelled rush hours or trying to achieve pool side perfection, these…


Professional Spray Tan vs Do it Yourself

If you’re a tan enthusiast but are less than keen on using a tanning bed in order to get it, there are more than enough alternatives available to you.

In fact, that there are so many options available often leave people unsure of what to choose. It ultimately comes down to…


Tanning for Pale Skin

Having pale skin can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your outlook.

For some, being pale can make tanning difficult, whether you go for the natural method or the alternatives. Pale skin has a tendency to, when exposed to the sun, cause an outbreak in freckles and reddening of…


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