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BeauBronz Training

October saw the launch of BeauBronz’s new 3D contouring technique and what better way to kick off than with a new training session? Last weekend was the first of October’s training workshops, giving BeauBronz CEO Abi Oleck the opportunity to share her new highly sought after technique and train some…


Sandstorm Luxury Designer Swimwear love Abi O

SANDSTORM – Luxury designer swimwear created for women worldwide.
Each piece is beautifully crafted and feels fabulous on the skin. The latest collection focuses on classic shapes to compliment the female figure coupled with glamourous embellishment.

We provide exclusive designer Swimwear, Lingerie and Spa Products which cannot be bought on the high…


Why I love Abi O- Celebrity Fan Lizzie Cundy

“A natural looking tan.”

Television presenter and self proclaimed “Queen of the WAGs” Lizzie Cundy is never seen without a beautiful golden tan. Constantly being complimented on her complexion, Lizzie is often asked if her glow is a result of a jet setting holiday.

Where her glamorous lifestyle may see her occasionally…


Why I love Abi O- Celebrity Fan Chemmy Alcott

“It brings out my muscles and makes me look really toned” 

Olympic skier and former Dancing on Ice contestant Chemmy Alcott is a self-tanning convert. Totally focused on mastering the slopes, Chemmy had never had a fake tan treatment before taking part on ITV’s Dancing on Ice- where having a golden…


Why I love Abi O- Celebrity Fan Jenny Pacey

“Quick, Effective and Fuss Free”

With a whole host of strings to her bow, Jenny Pacey can be short on time.

As you can imagine, juggling balls as an athlete, personal trainer to the stars, presenter and one of TV’s legendary Gladiators means there is little opportunity at the end of the…


Abi O Shows MTV’s Beauty School Cop Outs How to Fake It

With the arrival of MTV’s brand new reality show “Beauty School Cop Outs” later this month, BeauBronz is delighted to announce that Abi O has been amongst


7 Easy Day to Night Beauty Saviours You Should Try

If your social calendar is looking as hectic as your email inbox you might not have time to undergo a full beauty routine making you look as preened and polished as you’d like.

Luckily with the right products and a few insider tips you can transition from day to night with…


Why Does Fake Tan Smell?

The advantages of tanning safely truly outweighs the drawbacks, but one notorious negative association of self tanning which is hard to avoid is the distinctive smell.

Most commonly compared to biscuits, curry or even more undesirable substances, the smell is one of the biggest deterrents from using fake tan products. Safer…


Celebrity Spray Tan Parties. Are You Invited?

Celebrities lead busy lifestyles and often have the invasion of the paparazzi to contend with, so popping to the local salon for a tan top up is often not a particularly convenient or flattering option for those in the spotlight.

Enter the latest celebrity craze, spray tanning parties! These pampered nights…


Four Fabulous Apps For An Instant Fake Tan

If you like to have picture perfect images to share across your social networking channels, you’ll know that a flawless tan is a key ingredient to looking your best.

You can’t always be camera ready at all times and with self tanning taking a number of hours to develop what is…


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