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Abi O Shows MTV’s Beauty School Cop Outs How to Fake It

With the arrival of MTV’s brand new reality show “Beauty School Cop Outs” later this month, BeauBronz is delighted to announce that Abi O has been amongst


Three Easy Ways To Fake Tan Your Back You’ve Never Thought Of

If you are an avid self tanner, you will know that achieving an all over glow is easier said than done. You may have mastered the art of tanning easier parts of the body like your arms and legs, but if you don’t have a helping hand available to achieve…


7 Easy Day to Night Beauty Saviours You Should Try

If your social calendar is looking as hectic as your email inbox you might not have time to undergo a full beauty routine making you look as preened and polished as you’d like.

Luckily with the right products and a few insider tips you can transition from day to night with…


Why Does Fake Tan Smell?

The advantages of tanning safely truly outweighs the drawbacks, but one notorious negative association of self tanning which is hard to avoid is the distinctive smell.

Most commonly compared to biscuits, curry or even more undesirable substances, the smell is one of the biggest deterrents from using fake tan products. Safer…


Autumn Beauty Tips: Transitional Tips and Tricks

The darker evenings and colder weather are key indicators that autumn is creeping in.

You may have already given some thought to updating your wardrobe for autumn/ winter but making changes to your beauty regime is something which is often neglected.

The end of summer means that your skin will no longer…


Five Tips to Protect your Nails from Fake Tan

If you love your manicures as much as your self tanning products you will understand that the two don’t come hand in hand.

A perfect polish or killer nail art can easily be stained by the DHA contained in tanning products leaving you with an undesirable dark coloured residue.

Ensuring you look…


Pale and Interesting at The Emmy Awards

Pale and interesting was the look to go for at this year’s glittering star studded Emmy awards, and we weren’t just talking about the tans.

The main theme emerging from the celebrity bash celebrating all things fabulous in the world of television was pretty, pastel dresses, a look more commonly associated…


Are You Risking Your Health with Melanotan Injections?

Despite the increasing awareness of the dangers and side effects of illegal tanning injections, the demand for the unlicensed Melanotan substance continues to rise.

Gambling with their health, tan lovers are ignoring what are thought to be associated risks of heart, kidney and eye problems all for the sake of a…


Celebrity Spray Tan Parties. Are You Invited?

Celebrities lead busy lifestyles and often have the invasion of the paparazzi to contend with, so popping to the local salon for a tan top up is often not a particularly convenient or flattering option for those in the spotlight.

Enter the latest celebrity craze, spray tanning parties! These pampered nights…


Four Fabulous Apps For An Instant Fake Tan

If you like to have picture perfect images to share across your social networking channels, you’ll know that a flawless tan is a key ingredient to looking your best.

You can’t always be camera ready at all times and with self tanning taking a number of hours to develop what is…


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